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PC Tech Ltd is a small company of less than 10 employees, located in Cambridgeshire, they design, manufacture and supply webbing and buckles to the automotive, marine and aircraft industries.

The brief given to us by PC Tech Ltd was to:-

Guide PC Tech Ltd through the process of gaining ISO 9001 2000 Registration with an accredited Certification body, such as BSI.

The certification process must not adversely disrupt the operation of PC Tech's business

Design and assist implementation of a compact Quality Management System which takes little time to administer.

The operational Quality Management System must assist PC Tech Ltd in achieving its goals by:-

  • Reducing manufacturing waste.
  • Reducing second service calls.
  • Reducing production down-time.
  • Reducing customer complaints.
  • Reducing Material costs.
  • Reducing Over-time costs, (due to re-makes).
  • Reducing Customer order shortages.
  • Reducing Late or missed deliveries.
  • Reducing manufacturing paperwork.
  • Reducing errors relating to out dated information and drawings.
  • Improving employee product & Customer awareness.
  • Improving employees skills base.
  • Improving employee critical information awareness.
  • Improving production processes.
  • Improving production process monitoring.
  • Improving business reporting and information flow.
  • Improving the product and service design processes.
  • Improving Management and shop floor commitment to Quality.
  • The content of this brief is typical of most businesses seeking ISO 9001 2000 registration and is not difficult to achieve, if top management are committed to improving their business.

    Our first recommendation to PC Tech Ltd's management was to introduce Easy ISO 9001 2000's computer based Quality Management System software, thus saving their business the initial setup costs of implementing ISO 9001 2000.

    Easy ISO 9001 2000's Quality Management software provides a business with a Quality Management System framework which has already been assessed by various certification bodies and is compliant with ISO 9001 2000.


    In addition to Easy ISO 9001 2000's software being compliant with ISO 9001 2000 it provides your business with:-

  • A fully certification body approved ISO 9001 2000 compliant Quality Management System manual.
  • A clause by clause ISO 9001 2000 tutorial for both mechanical and service based businesses.
  • Fully network capable Quality Management System Software.
  • Full Quality System Manual editing facility.
  • Audit schedule and register of audits.
  • Document register which links directly to stored documents.
  • Full Approved Supplier register with follow up approval.
  • Equipment Calibration Register with automated to do lists and instant re-approval.
  • Equipment maintenance register with automated to do lists.
  • Corrective and preventive action register, chase ups, days open etc.
  • Training and skills register, with automated to do lists.
  • Automatic Procedure linking, editing and saving facility.
  • Automatic Work instruction link and editing facility.
  • Automatic Drawing link and editing facility.
  • Automatic Form link and editing facility.
  • Automatic Process flow diagrams and editing facility.
  • Automatic warning of work require within a 30 day, or user defined, period.
  • Embedded e-mail facility for e-mailing reports etc.

    The Easy ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management System Software more than pays for its self as soon as it is installed. It would cost thousands in consultancy fees and employee time to set up an equivalent ISO 9001 2000 compliant system.

    Before visiting PC Tech's site an action plan had been drawn up to maximize the effectiveness of my visit. Within half an hour of arriving on PC Tech's site I had installed the Easy ISO 9001 2000 Software and all the above facilities were available and fully operational.

    Note: If PC Tech's Management had opted to write their own Quality Management System it would have taken them several months to achieve the same level of compliance, this is of course assuming they had the necessary skills and knowledge within their business to complete such a task.

    I spent the rest of the day carrying out a gap analysis. (A Gap Analysis Audit is used to identify the current processes within a business and any deficiencies against what is required by ISO 9001 2000) As I had been contracted to assist with the documentation of PC Tech's processes I spent a further two days auditing an documenting their processes, one further day was spent off site creating an action plan to of exactly what had to be done and by whom to achieve full ISO 9001 2000 registration.

    Over the next eight weeks I spent a further nine days on site training, advising, auditing and assisting with the implementation of PC Tech's Quality Management System. I then carried out one final audit of the whole system prior to BSI's assessor arriving on site to carry out the registration assessment, just to ensure that every thing was to plan.

    PC Tech passed their ISO 9001 2000 registration assessment first time and are now operating a stream line, efficient and effective business.

    Comments: (By PC Tech's Managing Director)

    To be very frank we only sought ISO 9001 2000 registration because one of our customers said that unless we had ISO 9001 2000 we could not continue to supply them; this would have been disastrous for our business as nearly 25% of our business is with this one automotive client.
    I was very unsure about the whole ISO 9001 2000 thing, I believed it would cost us a fortune to implement and we would suffer ongoing costs which would eat into our already low profit margins.
    However, this was not to be the case.

    It very quickly became apparent that the people at Driso Consultancy Services know a lot about running a successful business and how to turn a company around quickly and easily. Our business has been transformed into a sleek operation and our turnover and profit margins have improved by almost 20%. The change in the profit margin is remarkable and that in its self speaks volumes about how Driso Consultancy Services their computerized Quality Management Software and adopting ISO 9001 2000 managed to turn our business around.

    As a final note:
    My fears about the cost to our business of implementing ISO 9001 2000 never materialized. With an almost 20% increase in our profit margin (Our accountant is still in shock) the whole cost of Easy ISO's services to our business was paid for within weeks, there was no waiting for an eighteen month return on investment, it was immediate.

    My advice to other businesses. Don't wait until you are forced into ISO registration, reap the benefits now, we did.

    P. Southerington-Browne

    MD PC Tech Ltd.
    (The name of the above company has been changed to prevent un-solicited e-mails)

    Our consultants can help your business to gain ISO 9001 2000 registration quickly, efficiently and cost effectively or to rationalise your old fashioned paper based business systems. So why not contact us, after all you have nothing to loose and lots to gain.

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