Customer Comments

Name: Brenda Keen
From: Bristol (UK)
Date: 19th March 2005
Note: Thank you for your marvelous Easy ISO 9001 2000® software.
If anyone out there misses this product to gain or maintain their ISO system one would really have to question their sanity. It took me over three months to achieve what we achieved with Easy ISO 9001 2000 in a morning at our new site. The whole system including a validated quality manual is just ready for you to use.
Thank you.........Thank you........Thank you

Name: Chu Yao-lung
From: Northampton (UK)
Date: 8th March 2005
Note: Thank you for your help in getting our company through ISO 9001 2000.
We started off not even knowing what ISO 9001 2000 was. However, after taking your advice, training, software and consultancy we passed our initial ISO 9001 2000 assessment with only 3 minor non conformity reports.  The ISO assessor was really scratching around trying to find something wrong but thanks to Driso he couldn't find anything. All the best
Chu Yao-lung

Name: Sam Golding
From: Nottingham (UK)
Date: 3rd March 2005
Note: The Easy ISO 9001 2000 Software with it's free quality manual and explanations of ISO 9001 were a God send to our business when we sought ISO registration.
Other consultancy firms said it would take us at least six months to get a system up and running but we proved them wrong and saved a fortune as it only took us six weeks to get the system installed thanks to your Easy ISO software.
I have recommended your software and consultancy services to several other companies in our area.

Name: James Currington
From: Luton (UK)
Date: 25th February 2005
Note: A big thank you to all at Driso Consultancy Services Frankly we thought we would never achieve the new ISO 9001 2000 standard, but to be fair that was before we discovered your Easy ISO 9001 2000® software. To date I still can't believe it only took five days to complete the upgrade, other consultants had quoted months of work and ten times the price.
Thank you.

Name: G Collins
From: Osterley London (UK)
Date: 10th February 2005
Note: All the best from our management team here at BTHQ. Your consultant and software made a mole hill out of the QA mountain we had to climb.
Best Regards from us all to all at Driso.

Name: Steve Johnson
From: Washington (USA)
Date: 14th January 2005
Note: Our Military contract business depends upon our quick efficient and right first time products and service.
However, our business was faltering due to processing errors, complaints and returned product.   Half of the problem was my inability to accept that my business had serious an possibly fatal problems but I knew deep down that my business needed professional help but from whom I was unsure.

In late 2004 I came across a publication about business improvement, the article had been written by a business consultancy called Driso.   I knew that my business needed a shot in the arm and from what I had read in the article Driso consultancy sounded just the right people to do it.

On contacting Driso I was expecting to receive the hard sell, as can often be the case with consultants. I was amazed when there was no hard sell, I spoke directly to the MD who told me what they could do for me, how long it would take and how much it would cost. Six weeks later I had a fully installed and computerised Quality management system and a business that had been turned around from one that was about to sink into the abyss to one where repeat orders began to increase.  We also took advantage of Driso's excellent on site employee training program which enhanced our employees ability to focus on our customers.
The results from our customer survey showed that our customers liked our new, responsive to their needs, business operation.

Subsequently Driso have led us through the ISO 9001 2000 registration process which has led to still further improvements in our business.
I would Thoroughly recommend Driso's services to any business, they offer a quick, efficient and cost effective solution to business improvement.   With Driso's help we have turned our business around in a matter of weeks, something I as the owner of the business did not believe was possible. The subsequent ISO 9001 2000 registration gave our business the competitive edge over our direct competitors and a marked improvement to our bottom line.
We are now able to tender for larger MOD contracts along with our larger competitors, something that would not have been possible with out Driso's help and the ISO 9001 2000 registration.
Thank you all at Driso for your assistance and dedication to our project.

Name: Mary Moham
From: Chorley (UK)
Date: 10th January 2005
Note: Big Thank you to all at Easy ISO.
Our customer said no ISO, no Contract. We thought we had lost the business until I found your product and consultancy service. To be honest we would never have got ISO 9001 2000 registration or the big contract for telecom's without your help.
Thank you.

Name: Linda Turner
From: Bedford (UK)
Date: 16th December 2004
Note: I have to hand it to you all at Driso, We have just had our routine Kitemark visit from BSI and not one N.C.R was raised.
Just to let the rest of your customers know that before we installed your Easy ISO 9001 2000® software and used your consultancy services we regularly received 10 - 20 N.C.R's every survailence visit and periodically had our Kitemark suspended.
All that is now in the past, thank's to the Easy ISO 9001 2000® software our system now has 60% less paperwork than before and my monthly reports which used to take me three days to produce at the end of each month are produced automatically with a single mouse click.
I would just like to say A big thank you to Driso for your help.
Kind Regards Linda

Name: Mathew Johnson
From: Birmingham (UK)
Date: 15th December 2004
Note: Easy ISO 9001 2000® is a Great premium software product for ISO 9001 2000 registration and does exactly what what it says on the box.
In my last company it took three times as long to introduce ISO 9002 as it took to introduce ISO 9001 2000 here, including the design clause using your software. I just wish I knew about your product back then.
All that leaves me to say is thank you all at Driso for your invaluable help, guidance, assistance and valuable advice.
NB:- We have just had our first routine assessment and we did not receive a single non-conformity report. The BSI assessor was mighty impressed with your software, he was astounded by its power flexibility and functionality.

Name: Kevin Wong
From: (Taiwan)
Date: 10th December 2004
Note: Best ISO software on the Pacific Rim, Look for our company advert in the Hong Kong and China Straight Times, featuring Easy ISO 9001 2000®. Our business ran this for your business because you helped our business very much. Thank you.

Name: Jeff Singleton
From: Taunton (UK)
Date: 7th December 2004
Note: Hi, The impossible made possible by your dedicated team.
I really thought we had lost our registration but within five days we are up and running and no NCR's during our recent continuing assessment, that's a first for our business. Thank you all.

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