Management Review Process


The company's Quality Management System will be regularly reviewed by the company's Top management to ensure that it continues to be suitable, adequate and effective in fulfilling the changing and future needs of the Company and providing products that meet its Customers' requirements.


A Quality Management System Review meeting will be held at least once a year with a view to identifying opportunities for improvement.

As a minimum the meeting will be attended by:

  • The Managing Director.
  • Representative from the sales department.
  • Representative from the manufacturing department.
  • Representative from from the quality department.

    The Managing Director will conduct the management review that will include as a minimum the following topics: -

    a) Review of the businesses quality policy and objectives, including performance against objectives and customer expectations.
    b) Review of the the businesses environmental, human and mechanical resources covered by the quality management system.
    c) Reference will be made to the businesses frequency of management review, to ensure that the frequency stated in the organisation's quality management system is sufficient to meet its stated quality policy, objectives and the expectations of its customers.
    d) The adequacy, or otherwise, of the documented quality management systems ability to meet the organisation's documented quality Policy and objectives and customer expectations.
    e) Management review is also an opportunity to discuss forthcoming products, projects or contracts that may require new processes to be documented in the form of a quality plan, which may require additional resources.
    f) The Adequacy, or otherwise, of approved suppliers to your organisation, be it a service such as the organisations electricity supplier or a material supplier.
    g) Adequacy of equipment preventive maintenance schedule.
    h) Adequacy of equipment calibration schedule and process.
    i) The adequacy of the customer feedback process.
    j) The adequacy of process performance and product conformity to meet the organisation's stated Quality policy and objectives and expectations of its customers.
    k) The adequacy of preventive and corrective actions and their ability to improve the Quality management system and better meet the customer's expectations. Preventive action(s) taken to ensure continuing improvement of the quality system.
    l) Adequacy of the internal audit schedule and audit process.
    m) The follow up of any actions from a previous management reviews.
    n) The Identification of training needs.
    o) Goods Returned Notes.
    p) Warranty Claims.
    q) Any recommendations for improvement.

    Review Output

    The review output will include, as a minimum:

    a) Any identified improvements to the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
    b) Any improvement of the products / services that are supplied.
    c) Any human or mechanical resources needed to achieve these improvements.

    A documented record of the review will indicate that a conclusion has been reached (i.e. is the quality system achieving the required objectives or not?) along with any corrective action necessary. Records of the review will be retained by the Quality Management Representative for a period of not less than 5 years.

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