Why Consider ISO 14000 Registration?

Save Your Environment! Is that reason enough?

Save Your Planet.

The influence of man on the earth and the environment has been drastic and this results in many damages to the planet.

The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence that maintains Earth's average temperature at approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The real threat of climate change lies in how quickly the change occurs.

The greenhouse effect is an important and necessary phenomenon that keeps all Earth's heat from escaping to the outer atmosphere. Without it, the temperatures on earth would be lower and the existence of life would be impossible.

On the other hand, too many greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere could increase the greenhouse effect. An increase in global temperatures changes in precipitation patterns could be the results, making some places impossible to live in.

If temperatures do indeed rise significantly, the most important result would be that some portion of the polar ice caps would melt, raising global sea levels. The rise in sea levels would be disastrous for some places. Islands would disappear; meaning their millions of inhabitants would have to relocate. Flooding would occur along coast lines all over the world.

Some of the consequences of the rise of temperatures would be that some portion of the polar ice caps would melt, raising global sea levels. And this would be terrible for some places. Islands would disappear and flooding would occur along coast lines all over the world. This would be something terrible that may left a lot of people without home and without any kind of goods.

Strip mining poisons the water and leads to birth defects as wells as many additional problems. Clear-cutting deprives the earth of its natural defenses against global warming as well as increases the problem of land slides.

All is not lost though; there are many avenues that can be traveled to reverse mans affects on the planet. By starting now to be environmental conscious and teaching the younger generations to follow your lead, we may yet be able to save the earth.

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