Demand For ISO 9001 2000?

There is an increasing demand, driven by organizations and client requirements alike, for businesses to meet Quality Assurance standards.

These standards range from well known and widely applicable standards, such as ISO 9001 2000 to HR-based standards such as Investors In People, where the focus is on training and development.

A good consultant will help you through the minefield of choice when deciding which quality assurance scheme will be most beneficial to your business.

ISO 9001 2000 which is often a prerequisite to being invited to tender.

Investors In People helps to promote excellence in your workforce.

Kitemark License gives your customers and consumers confidence in your product.

ISO 9001 2000 training helps to promote excellence in your workforce.

Which ever standard you choose to apply to your business it should be remembered that software packages such as Easy ISO 9001 2000® can greatly reduces the workload on your business in areas such as administration, training and record keeping.

The emphasis on staff and management training, is often a central component to Quality Assurance standards because it leads to benefits such as: -

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Increased employee motivation and commitment
  • Improved workforce flexibility and ability to cope with change
  • Improvement in quality of service and overall client satisfaction

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